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Massage Therapy At Home



Ivan Ivanov is a Licensed Massage Therapist offering affordable in home massage therapy sessions in New York City and the suburbs. Ivan is  also available for massage therapy appointments at your office, hotel room, or event.

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Ivan Ivanov,LMT massage

Ivan Ivanov, LMT

NYS Masage TherapyLicense Nr 025373 

NY Massage Therapy license can be verifyed at the NYS Office of Professions website:  verification LINK

Ivan's goal as your thersapist is to enhance your well being, reduce the physical and mental effects of stress and tension, prevent disease and injuries, and restore health. 

Ivan Ivanov, Licensed Massage Therapist specializes in sports, medical, restorative and preventative massage therapy. For more than 15 years,  Ivan has been working with a variety of clients in both the United States and in Europe including clients seeking treatment during wellness, injury, disease, recovery, and pregnancy. Ivan's work is an effective therapeutic modality, which positively fosters the communication among the body and the mind. His extensive education and experience in the massage therapy field covers disciplines, such as, Myology, Kinesiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, Pathology, Pre and Post Natal Massage, and Eastern Bodywork. 

Among his diverse clientele were Madonna’s dancers during their rehearsal in New York City in 2015.

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Integration of various massage therapy techniques 

that are specific  to your needs and are appropriate to address your problematic areas or, just to help you relax and reduce stress and tension. Ivan integrates strokes and techniques from Swedish and Deep Tissue massageSports massage, Orthopedic massage PNF stretching, Myoskeletal Alignment, Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM), Eastern acupressure and stretches from Thai massage, Shiatsu and Tui Na.



Medical massage is outcome-based massage, primarily the application of a specific treatment targeted to the specific problem the patient presents with a diagnosis.

 Pregnancy massage is a type of massage therapy specifically designed to be used during pregnancy. 

A couple's massage is just like any other massage service, but you and your partner receive the massage at the same time

Office massage typically refers to massage services that are provided for employees at their place of work. This can include both seated massage or table massage.

DURATION 60, 75 90 min



Rates vary depending on:

your location, day of the week, time of the day

All taxes, travel time and expenses are included in the price.

Please contact for pricing.



First time clients, please note that In order to reserve your time a deposit or full payment is needed.

Please read the cancellation policy below before you submit your payment

Accepted payment methods:

VENMO:  no fee

CASH APP:  no fee

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Cancellation, rescheduling and lateness policy:

Within 15 min after confirmation: No fee;

24 hours advance notice:  No fee;

6 to 24 hours notice:  $50 cancellation/ rescheduling fee;

Less than 6 hours notice: Full fee is due;

Please note that if you are late for your appointment I  might not be able to extend your time.


portrat pic.jpg

To request an appointment at your desired location, or if you should have any questions, please use the contact form, or TEXT at 347- 469- 0393. 

Include the day/days preferred and hour windows.

Your request, including last minute inquires, will be answered as soon as possible.

Please read the cancellation policy before your appointment is confirmed.

Sent! You will be contacted via e-mail and/or text message ASAP. (usually within two hours)



Do I need to have a massage table at home?

No. Ivan Ivanov provides a massage table. However, you can use your own if you have one. 


Do I need to use my own linens or the massage therapist provides linens?

You need to have 2 sheets (or 1 sheet and a big towel), and 1 pillowcase (or a small towel). 

However, the therapist will provide linens upon request for a $10 fee.


Will I be draped during the session? Should I be undressed or have my clothes on during the massage therapy?

You can be undressed at the level of your comfort. You will be properly draped at all times during the session. Only the part of the body being worked on will be exposed. 

What if I have, or had any medical conditions? 

Ivan Ivanov, LMT is highly trained and experienced in working with patients with different medical conditions, diagnoses and injuries in every stage. He would strictly follow the appropriate medical massage protocols.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription in order to receive massage therapy?

No. While your physician may refer you to a massage therapist, you can seek the services of a massage therapist directly.

Massage therapists may provide services that lead to improved health and muscle function, but they do not diagnose medical diseases or disorders. They evaluate patients/clients in terms of health and disease in order to know what massage technique should be used and when to make referrals to other health care practitioners.

How is pre-natal massage different than a regular massage?

A pregnancy massage is a regular massage, designed to be safe and appropriate  during all stages of pregnancy. Proper bolstering and body support are needed while on the massage table. Usually 2 to 4 pillows are needed for best comfort and safety.

What kind of oils and lotions are used? Can use my own? 

Ivan uses nut free massage oils, fractionated coconut oil and Shea butter. Different essential oils could be added as an aromatherapy add-on. 

Of course you can ask to for your own oil to be used. 


The day after my massage, I feel muscle pain and soreness. Did my massage therapist do anything wrong?

 It is common to feel a little sore some after receiving a professional massage therapy. This is called therapeutic inflammation. It happens when new white blood cells come to the area to clean out all the old dead waste products in your tissues. Sometimes when muscles are tight for a long period of time, your brain shuts off sensation to that area. Massage re-awakens your brain's awareness of those tissues. That causes new working blood cells to come in and clean everything out that has been building up for so long.


Do I have to tip?

Ivan Ivanov is a licensed healthcare professional. Therefore gratuities are not expected.

Does Ivan have a massage therapy office where I can be seen instead of a home visit?

Yes. Ivan also sees his clients/patients by appointment only at his massage therapy room located at 32 Union Sq East, 411


If you should any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ivan.



  COLIN SALLINGER, Brooklyn, NY, August 2019

For deep tissue work you would be wasting your time going to anyone else.


  SUSIE L. Manhattan, NY, July 2019:

“In September 2012  I began full body massage therapy sessions with Ivan. The most powerful aspect of our work together is his holistic, sensitive and intuitive touch to my pained body.  He incorporates deep tissue massage along with stretching which enhances my ability to move more freely. His techniques have improved my sense of well- being.

I find him to be knowledgeable, well focused and extremely professional in his approach.  I would highly recommend him to future clients.” 

   NICKI MOKHTARI, Paris, France Feb. 2016:

“A massage from Ivan is like none other! He is an incredibly talented and professional masseuse. Without having to tell him exactly where my problem areas are, Ivan is able to pinpoint them and really work with my body and my needs to "fix" these areas. His techniques are unique and leave me very relaxed and rejuvenated. I was also impressed with his deep knowledge of the body and grateful for his explanations of why I have pain in some areas and what stretches I can do on my own to improve these. Ivan is a true healer and I highly highly recommend him!!”

   NINA K. Long Island City, NY  ‎Nov. 2015

“Do yourself the favor and go see Ivan for a massage. He not only has an excellent technique, but he is also a true healer, and there is a difference between a masseuse and a healer! His training is impeccable, and he will also work with you and listen to you, your body, and his own wisdom to produce a deep, healing experience. You can see that this is someone who has found his calling in life and appreciates sharing it with the world, and I am lucky to have finally found someone I can work with for life!”

   Saraivy Reinat, Brooklyn, NY , October 2015

"Great Therapist!  had some serious pain, I left feeling the day went on I felt better and better. Didn’t have to take muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatories I was on. I highly recommend!"

   Ricky Stern, Brooklyn, NY, Sep 2013

"Ivan is great! Really, really great. ANd I am a tough judge."


   MICHAEL PHILLIPS, Brooklyn, NY,Oct. 2012

“I couldn't figure out how to write a google review of you, but please feel free to post this on your website:

"Ivan is highly professional and very skilled. I was suffering from severe back pain for an unknown reason, 

and he was able to pinpoint the areas of tension and provide relief that pills and a chiropractor could not. His deep tissue massage technique is exceptional, and I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from chronic back pain or general tension. He is an expert at perceiving where your muscles are most tense and working deeply on those areas to provide relief. He is friendly, personable, and has good availability, not to mention a convenient location. Highly, highly recommended."”

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